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Special Focus: Will Chandra Babu fulfill Gunasekhar’s demand?


After Gunasekhar wrote an open letter to Chandra Babu Naidu, several people started pointing TDP for showing favor towards Balakrishna. Few opposition party leaders fired on TDP for showing partiality as Balakrishna is a TDP politician. In an interview, Chiru too mentioned that giving tax exemption to “Gauthami Putra Sathakarni” is good as it shows government’s interest to encourage historical backdrop flicks but failing to do the same for “Rudramadevi” is appearing controversial.

After all these highlights on the same point, “Will Chandra Babu fulfill Gunasekhar’s wish of tax exemption to Rudramadevi?” turned to be an interesting topic. Slowly, this film related aspect is pulling down the prestige of the TDP, showing that the party is encouraging partiality. It has become a point for the opposition to fire on the ruling party.

If Chandra Babu gives the tax exemption money to Gunasekhar, it would be a good for TDP in future and will end all the controversy.