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Sunil exuding Crores with 6 pack

One of the most hilarious comedian Sunil is now competing with top heroes with respect to remuneration. From the stage of a comedian, this actor grew to the level of a hero with “Andala Ramudu”. Later on, he improved his dancing ability and showed it perfectly on screen.

Sunil excelled himself from film to film by including new features. After concentrating more on dance, his eyes fell on his body. He shaped it well in 2 years and appeared with 6 pack in “Poola Rangadu”. With this film, his remuneration raised to the peak. Presently he is taking 2 Crores for film. As he is an all rounder, spectators are eager to watch his flick. Hence film producers are queuing before his office for vacant call sheets.

Golden Producer Dill Raju, RB Choudary and Suresh Babu are in the first 3 places of this queue. As Sunil’s films are mostly comedy oriented, they won’t demand more budget. If the producers take care of the glamour aspect, Sunil will manage the remaining ingredients and the film will look absolutely perfect on screen. “Less effort, more comfort” is the view of producers on Sunil’s films.