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Surrogacy scam in Hyderabad – 500 pregnancies

Surrogacy scam came into limelight in Hyderabad. Few innocent poor women from Hyderabad, Delhi, Nepal, Nagaland and Darjeeling were targeted by a hospital, Sai Kiran in Hyderabad. This hospital in Banjara Hills road no. 14 which was being run by Dr.Sumit Sekhar is said to have illegally used 500 women for Surrogacy without any permissions. No records were found in the government office for this hospital and the task force took charge on the doctors.

As per the reports, the hospital is running from the past 4 – 5 years and it has been involved in the Surrogacy process without any permissions. Adding to this, the Surrogate mothers were being imprisoned in the hospital premises which is also a crime as per the law. Children born through Surrogacy shouldn’t be sent out of the nation and the Police officials were doubting if the hospital is sending newly born children to foreign locations. Investigation is on progress in this angle and few more interesting aspects may come on to the media. Stay tuned for more updates.