Telugu Politics

T-Minister landed in trouble with his son’s arrest


It is not a new thing that the sons of political leaders getting arrested in the Telugu States. Recently, a Minister in Telangana has faced the same problem with his son’s arrest.

Telangana Forest and Environment Minister Jogu Ramanna’s son Jogu Premender was arrested by the Telangana police in a murder case. He was accused as one among the 10 people who murdered the Congress Party worker T Tirupathi Reddy. Tirupati Reddy was founded as dead near his village with a suspicious environment. Local people are saying that both the parties have had some rift regarding politics recently. The relatives of Reddy has lodged a complaint on Jogu Premender and 9 more. So Police immediately arrested Premender before he can show his power.

As usual, when Minister Jogu Ramanna was questioned regarding this issue, he alleged that his rivals have cleverly manipulated and accused his son of political gain. He expressed his hope that his son will come out as clean. We have to wait for more days to see the final verdict of police after gathering the proofs.