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In-Talk: 1000 Crores for statues in Telengana

BJP is feeling furious on the Telengana government for not recognizing the effort of the people who strived for the Telengana region. Speaking on this, BJP leader lakshman mentioned that if they come to power, they would spend 1000 Crores exclusively for the statues of the people who worked for the Telengana region. He fired on KCR and his team for promising several aspects before elections and not standing on their words after winning.

Lakshman memorized the words of KCR on the recognition he promised to give for the people who struggled for Telengana. On September 17th, Lakshman and few BJP leaders along with few public leaders and students, will be agitating against the TRS rule in demand of recognition for the people who worked for Telengana. On the other hand, few people were commenting in social media on spending of 1000 Crores for statues when the city of Hyderabad faced tough times during the recent rainfalls.  They are demanding for good infrastructure.