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In-Talk: Another blow to Deepa before by poll elections!


Deepa Jayakumar, who came into the political arena as Jayalalitha’s successor got several blows from the opposition leaders who claimed to be the successors of Jayalalitha in politics. In spite of all the troubles, Deepa stood in the race getting ready for the by polls with the support of Jayalalitha’s followers.

In this scenario, Deepa’s husband Madhavan moved out of the party saying that few people were pushing Deepa in wrong way and he didn’t like it. Hence, Madhavan decided to withdraw his support to Deepa. When her own husband moved out of the way, “Will people accept her as the next leader?” turned to be an interesting topic in Tamil Nadu.

Compared to all the blows she encountered, this can be considered as a big one as it hits the confidence of Deepa and the faith people have on this upcoming leader. It should be noted that Jayalalitha too encountered this sort of troubles in her initial days and the rest was a history.