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In-Talk: Baba Ramdev’s Bollywood debut!

Baba Ramdev, who created sensation in FMCG market space with the brand name Patanjali, is now set to debut Bollywood soon. As per the information, Baba Ramdev accepted an offer to act in a flick related to India. The story of the flick is said to be the life of an person who was born in London and looks at India as a poor nation. Later on, seeing the development in India, he will realize the greatness of the nation.

The role which Baba Ramdev is playing is not yet known to the media. May be, Ramdev will be the person who inspires the person to feel that India is great. It is known that Baba Ramdev has good social responsibility and his products were bypassing the international products dominating the Indian FMCG market. In fact, the lost greatness of Indian medicine is now being shown up to the world by Baba Ramdev.