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In-Talk: Balayya’s slap made Chandra Babu realize?

Video of actor Balakrishna slapping assistant goes viral

Natasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna is a good speaker and an actor. In politics, he recently got more negative comments than positive ones. People were said to be unhappy in his rule and few of them even threatened to go for suicide if Balakrishna doesn’t care for their problems in Hindupur. Speaking on this, Balakrishna stated that where ever he goes, whatever country he works in as part of film shooting, he always thinks about the people of Hindupur.

Recently, the slapping videos of Balakrishna, created sensation all over the social media. It happened few times and every recorded video rounded in the social media like a wild fire. People from the same community were said to have got fed up with these acts. In this scenario, analysts finalized that Balakrishna will not even get minimum votes in the upcoming elections. On the other hand, both YSRC and Jana Sena were looking towards grabbing the positions in Rayalaseema region. To counter attack, Chandra Babu just has one move, replace Balakrishna with Nara Lokesh.

This is said to be the thing happening and Hindupur may see Nara Lokesh this time instead of Balakrishna. Insiders hinted that Chandra Babu further decided to move Balakrishna to Rajyasabha. Finally, Balakrishna’s slap made Chandra Babu realize the things and act for a better future for TDP.