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In-Talk: Bhuma Family’s affect on Balakrishna!

Balakrishna performs car stunt in ‘Paisa Vasool’

Bhuma Akhila Priya mentioned that Nandyal elections is one of the most prestigious one for Bhuma Family. She further finalized that if her brother doesn’t win this elections, she will quit politics. This turned into a nightmare for TDP as Bhuma Family has great foothold on Nandyal region and if she moves out of politics, it would be a blow for TDP in long run. In this scenario, TDP is trying their best to make Bhuma family win in this elections.

As per the information, Balakrishna will be taking a break exclusively to help Akhila Priya and Bhuma family for the upcoming elections. Chandra Babu Naidu is said to have given this task to Balakrishna. This Tollywood actor is said to be taking a break from his busy film schedule to help TDP in Nandyal. Political analysts were saying that it is time for Balakrishna to start concentrating on politics keeping film career aside for a while, as the elections were fast approaching.