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In-Talk: Why BJP should join hands with Pawan Kalyan?

Last few months for Jana Sena – Will it make it?

In Andhra Pradesh, TDP and YSRC are fighting against one another. Jana Sena is the party which is getting good attention from the public apart from the ruling and the opposition parties. The reason behind this is the clean intention of Pawan Kalyan to solve social problems rather than the mindset to get into power. In this scenario, there is a very high probability that this party will move to the next level in few years span.

We can say that Jana Sena surely won’t contest in all areas in Andhra Pradesh and won’t fight against TDP or YSRC. But, over a span of 5 – 6 years, this party is sure of becoming as strong as the leading parties. When TDP is in Andhra Pradesh, it is tough for BJP to get into the position and it has to accompany TDP. But if BJP goes ahead and support Jana Sena, there is a very high chance that this new party will get the right fuel in place and will pace up its position towards the top. As BJP helped Jana Sena to get into the track, Andhra Pradesh will be a favorable state to BJP.