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In-Talk: Botsa from YSRCP took the bashing role


Soon after the currency strike, several politicians expressed their view on the topic but YS Jagan didn’t speak much to the media on this for couple of weeks. Recently, he expressed his opinion but the one who took the role of bashing the ruling party on this aspect from YSRCP is Botsa Satyanarayana.

Speaking to the media, Botsa mentioned that the AP government is not making right arrangements for common people and hence the ones in the villages and remote areas were suffering due to lack of cash. Botsa gave a clarity on YSRCP view on the currency strike saying that they are not opposing Modi’s movement but are furious on the AP government for not taking enough measures to help villagers and people living in remote areas.

Botsa further mentioned that the common man is suffering due to this currency strike and the central government should take action immediately on this aspect.