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In-Talk: Can Chandra Babu cross Narendra Modi?


Chandra Babu Naidu promised 1 lakh IT jobs to the youngsters in Andhra Pradesh. He said that the future belongs to the IT and he is intended to raise the employment in the state in this domain. It is a fact that Narendra Modi too promised few lakhs of jobs to the Indians but the government miserably failed to create them. Adding to this, the crisis in the current nation is focusing the fact that there will be high rates of unemployment in future.

“Can Chandra Babu Naidu cross Narendra Modi to create jobs?” turned to be an interesting question. It is  a fact that Chandra Babu Naidu developed the Telugu speaking region as IT hub by roping in the Hi-Tech city in Hyderabad. He further talked to several MNCs and made it for sure that they create jobs in the then Andhra Pradesh. Now, he is aiming to repeat the same. “Can he do it?” Lets hope he does it again!