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In-Talk: Chandra Babu’s warning to Nara Lokesh on GPSK?


Nara Lokesh’s Tweet in Twitter turned to be a sensation for a while. The Tweet “Mesmerized at Balayya Mavayya & other artists’ amazing performance in Gauthami Putra Sathakarni. Congratulations to the team!” from Andhra Pradesh CM Twitter account turned controversial. There raised a talk in the media that Andhra Pradesh CM is using the party Twitter account for personal promotions.

Looks like the heat went till Chandra Babu and the Tweet was immediately deleted from the account. It further moved to Nara Lokesh’s Twitter account. “Did Chandra Babu gave warning to Nara Lokesh on this aspect?” turned to be an interesting topic in the media. On one side, Gunasekhar openly wrote a letter to Chandra Babu Naidu asking why they didn’t encourage “Rudramadevi” with tax exemption and supporting “Gauthami Putra Sathakarni” when both the ventures are related to the history of Andhra Pradesh.

On the other side, few media segments openly stated that TDP is showing partiality towards “Gauthami Putra Sathakarni”. In this scenario, a Tweet from Andhra Pradesh CM Twitter account created sensation in the social media for a while.