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In-Talk: Finally RGV’s eyes fell on Prabhas


After speaking on Megastar Chiranjeevi and Nandamuri Balakrishna, RGV’s eyes fell on the upcoming high expectations venture “Bahubali”. Prabhas is acting in the lead role in this flick and RGV after seeing the “Bahubali 2” trailer mentioned that Prabhas is looking more beautiful than 10000 beautiful girls.

Whatever might be the aspect, RGV will drag it into the romantic side. This time, Prabhas turned to be the prey for RGV and we can expect this controversial director to reveal more comments on “Bahubali” soon after its release. Megastar Chiru mentioned that he is not interested to comment on the words of RGV as it is not up to his standard to express his views on RGV’s statements.

Naga Babu spoke about RGV on the “Khaidi No.150” stage and it turned controversial in social media. “Will Prabhas react to RGV’s comments or will he too ignore RGV?” turned to be the interesting topic.