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In-Talk: Gali Janardhan spoiled the government’s plan?


2000 rupee notes turned to be tough to get in the banks. Most of the times, the ATMs were running out of cash and the bank officials were raising up their hands saying that the cash has been done. When government is planning demonetization, why didn’t they check the availability of new cash before giving the call to the people on the currency strike?

As per the RTI report, on November 8th, when the nation started converting the old cash with the new one, the statistics reveals that there were 20 lakh crore worth old notes in the market while the new 2000 rupee notes with RBI were just for 4.94 lakh crores. Obviously, we can expect cash crunch for the common people and why didn’t government wait till the new cash comes equivalent to the old ones?

Gali Janardhan’s marriage preparations were said to be one of the reasons why government took immediate decision without waiting till the new currency hits the market. Gali Janardhan is said to be having lots of black money and if government bans old notes a week before marriage, it may show impact on his grand arrangements. Gali Janardhan happily sailed through the marriage while government and common people struggled a lot on currency strike.