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In – Talk: Girls beware of this Screw Camera!

Perverts are finding new ways to exploit the situations. Few years back, few ******* people used to put cameras in dressing rooms and used to take videos of women changing their clothes. They used to further upload them online or threaten the women to get money. Now, people started observing for cameras and were staying alert. To counter attack this, *******  came up with a new method called screw camera.

As you can see in image, the camera is embedded in a screw like structure and as screws were common for doors, one may not notice this in the trail rooms or wash rooms. So be careful if you happen to see any sort of wiring in the rooms. Some people mentioned in the past that if we call to some person from the trail room, it gives a beeping signal if the room has a camera or a mic or any electronic device. May be, one should try it in case of any doubts. Pass it on to your friends and family members, so that they will be on alert.