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In-Talk: Why government is releasing Rs.200 notes?

New notes are coming into the people and the Indian government is releasing Rs.200 notes into the market. Already Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and Rs.2000 notes are in the market and now Indian government has decided to launch Rs.200 notes into the public. “What is the reason for launching this new set of notes?” turned to be an interesting issue. Looks like the Modi’s government is in a plan to put an end to the corrupted individuals.

On one side when Modi is trying to clean the nation out of corruption, pressure is building up on India from the USA in various forms. US wants India to invest and help Afghanistan and Trump says that India is getting billion dollars of benefit from USA and hence should support the nation in helping Afghanistan. Apart from this, the tensions in the Indian borders were turning vital for the Modi’s government. As the PM is trying to bring a change in the lives of people in India, we should support him in all the ways we can.