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In-Talk: Hyderabad tops in US student visas!

Passports to be issued within a week; ministry makes changesIndian students are applying for US universities in large scale. Due to the Trump effect, fear raised in Indians. Students who are aiming to come to US for MS are now applying in advance without postponing the MS plans as after Trump comes into the presidential role, he will surely tighten the immigration laws. It is always safe to plan in advance rather than miss the chance.

As per the information, Hyderabad tops the US student visas number. There is a raise in 40% of student visas issued by the consulate in Hyderabad compared to the last year for US location. The count is said to be raised even for UK and Australia. Looks like, Hyderabadis are preferring to settle abroad rather than finding employment opportunities in India.

Low pay scales in India are making Indian prefer foreign destinations to earn money. The raise in student visas is an indication for the same.