Telugu Politics

In-Talk: Jana Sena’s NIMS operation turned successful!


Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party which is coming into the people to question, is trying to solve as many problems as they can. The party activists, who are basically the fans of Power Star are trying hard to keep the currency strike situation under control in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. It is known that several poor people were feeling it tough to get their currency exchanged for daily and medical expenses.

To solve this situation, Jana Sena party activists opened a counter in NIMS to help poor people get their high valued notes exchanged with low denominations. The activists just had less money with them and the counter was done within an hour or two. As this operation was successful and poor people were finding it useful, they promised the remaining members in the line that they would come back with more money in a couple of days to help them.

This successful pilot project is showing the way Jana Sena is trying to solve people’s problems. Good going Jana Sena!