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In-Talk: KCR’s bad news to drug addicts

KCR’s special appreciation to Fidaa team

Telengana’s CM KCR, who gave strong instructions to his team on the drugs case, openly stated that he is not going to leave anyone in the drugs case. On the occasion of the independence day, KCR gave a speech to his people in which he mentioned the drugs case. It is known that there are few states in few countries which lost everything due to raise in drugs and drug addicts. KCR and his team were determined to make sure that this sort of situation doesn’t come for Telengana.

The team is striving hard to eliminate the drug suppliers and to reduce the drug addiction in the state. Most alarming issue is that the drug suppliers were making students get addict to drugs which will destroy the future of the nation. Drug addiction is more worse than alcohol addiction and can lead to the family becoming completely unstable. Lets hope that KCR cleans the state completely.