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In – Talk: Modi getting pressure from his own party leaders!


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying all ways to put checkmate to black money in India. He is aspiring to end corruption and to make India black money free. Modi is encountering several counter attacks from few people and few big shots too were silently trying to bring him down. Modi was in tears when he spoke in Goa that his life was in danger.

While Modi was trying to change India and bring BJP as a massive power in the nation, few leaders from his own party were destroying his fame. This is indirectly putting pressure on the party and Modi, as opposition parties were firing on Modi saying that their own leaders were not following the rules and ethics.

Recently few BJP leaders bought costly items like luxury cars and houses and without stopping here, posted the pics in social media sites. This raised the attention in the opposition leaders and they shot back at Modi saying that their own leaders were corrupted and are escaping because they belong to BJP.