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In – Talk: New Rs.50 notes in Indian market

New Rs.50 notes were now rounding in the social media. People were curious about this new currency notes as they have several traditional aspects. The new notes have wording in Devanagari script, which is the mother of all the Indian languages. Adding to this, the ‘Swatch Bharat’ logo and the ancient monuments of Hampi were additional highlights. The new notes will hit the market soon and the old notes too will be in circulation.

“What is the need of launching new notes which old notes were already in the market and were being accepted?” is yet to be known. We can expect Modi government to do something in future. As the elections were getting nearer, BJP is not ready to experiment on the demonetization or currency related aspects. But there is a talk in the media that Modi may plan to pull down Rs.2000 just before elections to avoid the black money circulation. May be he has plans for Rs.50 notes too at that time.