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In-Talk: North Korea’s comedy game with Trump!

Trump bans transgenders from US military

With Trump’s decision to get American Army ready for any consequences in North Korea, the leader of that nation Kim Jong Un is said to have got back stepped. China too stated that they won’t support North Korea if they go on for a war with USA. After these sequences, nothing major came into the news from North Korea side. On this, Trump stated that North Korea is respecting his decision to stop war and he too respects North Korea’s intention.

Soon after Trump revealed this statement, North Korea successfully tested three short range missiles of almost 250 kms range. Adding to this, reports raised in the media that Kim Jong Un ordered North Korean Army officials to prepare more war heads and advanced missiles. Looks like, the nation is preparing itself for a war with USA, even when China withdraws the support. This is a tough one for Trump to digest. We have to see if Trump going in a matured way or does something different.