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Special Focus: NRIs getting blackmailing letters in Texas!

Trump vs. the press

With the recent victory of Trump, the situation in USA is turning into a different direction. Racism is said to be raising in the nation and the recent incident is an example for this aspect. In Texas, few NRIs were said to have received letters which states that US is a white nation and the immigrants should leave the nation soon. After the victory of Trump in US elections, this sort of letters were stated to be coming in different places of USA.

Not just Indians, Muslims and other nations citizen working in USA were stated to have got blackmailing letters saying that they should leave the nation. A Muslim teacher in California got a letter which says her to hang herself. With this sort of letters raising in the nation, people are fearing on what will happen after Trump takes the throne.

NRIs position can be considered to be in risk as US citizens are targeting Indians for grabbing their jobs.