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In-Talk: Pawan Kalyan effect on Nandyal elections!

Pawan Kalyan to become fully active in politics from October

Power Star Pawan Kalyan who once joined hands with TDP, is not in great terms with the party. There are several aspects that happened post elections which made Pawan move away from TDP. Now, the upcoming Nandyal elections is turning out to be a prestigious issue for TDP and YSRC. Pawan Kalyan mentioned that he would say to the media in couple of days on whom he is supporting.

On this , Akhila Priya is said to have asked for an appointment from Pawan Kalyan. But insiders mentioned that he didn’t give appointment to Akhila Priya. Speaking to the media, Akhila Priya mentioned that she is confident on Pawan Kalyan’s support to her brother in the upcoming Nandyal elections. She further mentioned that her family has good relations with Pawan Kalyan. As Power Star is silent in this topic, we have to wait for some more time to know whom he supports. This decision may further reflect on the 2019 elections.