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In-Talk: Pawan Kalyan not repeating Chiru’s political mistake!


Power Star Pawan Kalyan who got a life in the film industry through his brother Chiranjeevi, is set to give an amazing political career as a gift to Chiru. A segment of people were debating on this topic that Pawan Kalyan is building Jana Sena for Chiranjeevi. But, Pawan Kalyan’s steps were revealing a fact that he is not making the mistakes which Chiru did during his political entry through PRP.

Chiranjeevi and PRP members spent huge amount of money on meetings and events. Even though people attended the events, they came to see the stars but not much to listen to what they were saying. This showed up in the results and in spite of spending lot of money, PRP was not able to make it to the top. Pawan Kalyan is taking this aspect seriously and he is using Twitter to send the messages to the people rather than conducting events and meetings spending lot of money.

More over, unlike Chiru, Pawan is not leaving his film career for politics. He is balancing both of them to be on the safe side. Looks like Pawan can make it big by 2019 elections.