Telugu Politics

In-Talk: Pawan Kalyan’s political strategy with CPI


Power Star Pawan Kalyan is all set to enter politics through 2019 elections. Even though, Pawan came up aggressively in 2014 elections, he finally turned out to be a supported of TDP and BJP alliance in the state. Pawan is expected to stay close to TDP and BJP till the next elections but the gathering or farm land for construction of capital city for Andhra Pradesh made Pawan move opposite to TDP.

On the other hand, the special status issue turned to be a tough one for Pawan to digest the fact that BJP took back its promise. In this scenario, there are high chances for Pawan to go alone in 2019 elections instead of having a tie-up with either TDP or BJP. CPI leader Ramakrishna who previously mentioned that the party will stand with Pawan’s Jana Sena if he fights on the prevailing issues of the common people and the state like the special status.

Ramakrishna and other CPI leaders recently met Pawan and worked on the strategy to solve people’s problems. If this works out well, we can expect Pawan to get some people around him who are politically experienced which would help him in the next elections.