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In-Talk: Political parties offering new jobs to youth

Indian IT bouncing back – Employees get ready for new jobs

Politicians gave statements during elections time that they will give jobs to the youngsters. Some of them stand on their word and help the youngsters without being corrupted, but most of the politicians enjoy the power and the money, leaving the promises to god to fulfill. Even though most of the politicians were not creating sufficient jobs outside, they are recruiting candidates from IIT and NIT to promote their parties.

As per the latest survey reports, most of the political parties are hiring candidates from premier colleges to help them in social media branding and marketing. Right from concept creation till the level of getting the votes, political parties are assigning tasks to these candidates and ofcourse they are getting paid a lot. Some offers are beyond the scope of major IT companies and hence youngsters too were showing interest. Political parties will always have enough budget for the campaigning, whether or not they have money to spend for the people’s problems.