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In-Talk: Only Rajamouli can save Mahesh Babu!

Not yet excited with Hindi stories – Mahesh Babu

Prince Mahesh Babu was facing tough situations in Tollywood with series of blows at the box office. There has been a talk in the media on Mahesh Babu – combination. This has been going on for several years and they were waiting for the right script to make happen. As per the talk, in this situation, only can elevate Mahesh Babu’s career in Tollywood again. With “Bahubali”, Rajamouli showed the grandness of Indian kings.

“How about showing an Indian spy story to the viewers?” turned to be an interesting topic in social media. With Mahesh, Rajamouli may not plan a historical venture but this Hollywood styled Tollywood hero fits perfectly for a “James Bond” style of flick. If Rajamouli can come up with an Indian spy story, Mahesh will be the shining star back in Tollywood. His serious face and comedy timings fits well for spy stories. May be Rajamouli can take inspiration from Indian ‘James Bond’, Ajit Doval.