Telugu Politics

Talk of the Town: House full of Gold and Cash


TTD member Sekhar Reddy shocked the IT department with a house full of cash and gold. As per the reports, his house has 170 Crores of cash and 130 kgs of gold. 6 bags full of new currency was collected from Sekhar Reddy’s house and further investigation is on progress. Sekhar Reddy was taken out of the TTD board and a GO has been passed on the same.

On the other hand, others who were involved in crime along with Sekhar Reddy were under the IT radar. Even few politicians from Tamil Nadu are said to be involved in this aspect. Central Government is trying to show major chunk of money to the people which was collected due to demonetization. Hence, IT department is on full swing and as majority of the TTD board members are involved with money transactions, IT department kept an eye on them.

Sekhar Reddy was caught and his house was taken into custody. More names are expected to hit the media soon.