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In-Talk: Only two people can stop US – North Korea war

Few months back, ‘Diversion Aunty’ created sensation in the media saying that she has diverted several deaths considering what is good for the society. Her interview looked funny but she was quite serious and the anchor too had a serious expression on her face, which makes audience feel more involved in the interview. After hearing the North Korea’s intention to trigger few Nuclear warhead on USA, few people in India thought of the ‘Diversion Aunty’. People seriously felt that she can do something and divert the mind of Kim.

On the other hand, Global Peace representative K A Paul mentioned in an interview few months back that he is quite close to US president Donald Trump. He even stated that he is the one who helped Trump in becoming the president. In several occasions, K A Paul stated that he is striving hard to run the world with peace and all the presidents takes his advice. Few people felt that K A Paul may talk to Donald Trump and convince him to do peaceful act instead of having a war.