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In-Talk: Will the same old formula work out for TDP?

In-Talk: Performance Appraisal time for Chandra Babu Naidu!

2000 was the decade of IT boom in India. Most of the IT companies got started and with the raise of the internet, entire South India got developed as IT corridor for India. The then CM Chandra Babu Naidu used this opportunity to build Hyderabad as a IT hub. It has been almost 2 decades and things got changed. Now, even though IT is still in the same position, the upcoming round of automation will pull away the jobs in this sector.

At this point of time, analysts were looking at Entrepreneurship as the booming domain. Startups with automation as the main motto and stepping into different domains were expected to soar high in the world. In this scenario, working on the same old formula of IT industry may not give much results. Encouraging students to take up Entrepreneurship and giving them the chance to do it easily may work out well. Looks like, Telengana government is working on the same but TDP government is still stuck with IT. “It is fine to get votes in 2019 elections by showing the people on number of IT companies that came to Andhra Pradesh, but will it help the future generation to maximum extent?” is the main question.