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In-Talk: Will people remember TDP in Hyderabad?


TDP, most of the time mentions the development the party did in Hyderabad. Chandra Babu Naidu and his crew takes the completely responsibility for the IT industry in the Telugu speaking states. Now, as the rains are turning into nightmares, the stagnant waters on the roads of Hyderabad, were making people get annoyed. Poor drainage system and illegal coverage of ponds were said to be the primary reasons for this problem.

“Who is ready to take responsibility for this negative aspect?” turned to be an interesting question. The city grew into a mighty one during the booming of IT industry and the infrastructure in the Hi-Tech region was initially designed and implemented by the then government which raised the corporate sector. So, “Will people remember TDP in Hyderabad during the rains?” is an interesting question. May be, one will wait till the completion of Amaravathi to blame the designs and infrastructure quality of TDP government.