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In-Talk: Wives can put rape case on husbands

Inspiring India – Supreme Court being considered as a holy place

Supreme Court of India has been declaring strong laws in the nation. From the past few months, Supreme Court’s judgement got great round of applause from the entire nation. Recently, Supreme Court gave a statement that minor wives can put rape case on husbands if they were forced to have sex. Generally, a girl can be considered major after 18 years of age and she has the right to choose her life partner.

In few rural areas, early marriages are still being encouraged and most of the times, girls below 18 years of age are getting married and are forced to have family life even before they are completely ready. Till now, if a minor wife has sex with husband, it won’t be considered as a rape but from now on, Supreme Court made it clear that minor wife can put a case on husband in this aspect. This rule doesn’t apply for the pending cases but will be applied from the case which will be registered from now on.