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In-Talk: Why YS Jagan is silent on currency strike?

YS jagan

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy of YSRCP has not yet shared his opinion on the currency strike. It is known that all the politicians in the nation expressed their opinion on this aspect. Some supported Modi and some opposed him for the trouble. Chandra Babu Naidu and KCR found new ways of reducing the stress to the people by introducing cash less transactions.

Interestingly, YSRCP leader YS Jagan didn’t attempt to talk to the media on his opinion on the currency strike. “Why YS Jagan decided to go tight lipped?” turned to be the discussion point in Andhra Pradesh. Few people reported that they are facing trouble converting the currency and as an opposition party, YSRC leader can stand on their side shooting statements on the ruling parties.

But interestingly nothing of such sort is happening. On the other hand, IT raids are on progress on majority of the politicians and their families. Modi is ready with the full loaded Benami act to pounce on the Benamis. Black money holders are now busy with the currency saving stuff to avoid the next strike from Modi.