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In-Talk:Kiran Kumar Reddy to join BJP!

Kiran Kumar Reddy, the CM of united AP, who has the worst time of his life sitting in the CM chair after YSR’s death and before Telengana formation, moved out of the zone to have peace in his life. For almost 4 years, he was seen nowhere in the media. Now again, Kiran Kumar Reddy is planning to come back into the headlines and talks are in the media that he is aspiring to move along with BJP.

In this scenario, we can expect interesting situations in future. As of now, the INews channel, which was owned by the family members of Kiran Kumar Reddy is set to get tied up with BJP politicians owned Republic Media channel which has nation wide popularity. With this, reports raised in the media that Kiran Kumar Reddy is all set to join BJP. As of now, no official conformation came on to the media on this but internally lot of things were said to be going on.