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Tamanna’s ‘Rebel’ remuneration shocking everyone

Milky beauty Tamanna Bhatia is one of the most busiest actress in South Indian film industry. This beauty acted beside majority of the young heroes in Tollywood and gathered huge craze.

Recently a new issue about Tamanna came into limelight. It is well known that the film director and film producers of “Rebel” are throwing the failure of the flick on one another. Controversial film producer Natti Kumar revealed that the film producer paid Rs. 3 Crores to Tamanna Bhatia for “Rebel”. This figure is shocking all the spectators. “What is there in the film and her role to give such a huge remuneration?” asks a spectator. “When the market value of Tamanna is 80 lakhs, why ‘Rebel’ producers came forward to pay 3 Crores?” is the question in everybody’s mind. Anushka’s decision to come out of the film might have made the film producers to pay huge amount for immediate dates of Tamanna. Stay updated for more updates.