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After TDP, BJP is targeting YSRCP – Pawan turned critical!

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It is known that the alliance of BJP and TDP created sensation in the last elections pushing YSRCP out of the way. Now, BJP’s position turned weak in Andhra Pradesh due to the Special Status issue. Pawan Kalyan who supported BJP clearly mentioned that he is not going to support the central party anymore. His alliance with TDP too depends on the upcoming aspects.

In this scenario, BJP is said to be in the process of capturing Andhra Pradesh through YSRCP. In the last elections, YSRCP came quite close to TDP and without BJP’s support, TDP couldn’t have made it this far. As Pawan’s support too is not there for BJP, this party might have felt that it is better to support YSRCP and crush TDP showing the delay in developmental activities in AP.

Few media sources reported BJP planning to go for an alliance with YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh. It is known that BJP is having huge fan base in North India but South India is still under the grip of local leaders. In this scenario, having tie-ups with AIADMK in Tamil Nadu and YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh may help BJP to get an inch ahead in establishing themselves. Pawan’s support to TDP may turn critical in next elections.