Telugu Politics

TDP to decide on Jr.NTR depending on Nandyal polling!

TDP has used all its weapons in the Nandyal elections. “Does this help TDP to win the elections or will the party need more support?” turned to be an interesting aspect. It is known that TDP had tough situations with Pawan Kalyan. Few politicians even fired on Pawan Kalyan in the past and the situation is said to be in the last phase. All of a sudden, when the Nandyal polling came into picture, TDP came into the right terms with Pawan Kalyan and took his support.

On the other hand, Jr.NTR too is said to have got few issues with the Nara family. This made him skip campaigning for last elections and Pawan Kalyan covered it up with his fan following. Now, Nandyal elections may reveal the support for TDP and if Chandra Babu Naidu feels that the party needs additional support after this election, we can expect TDP to come in with a deal for Jr.NTR.