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TDP showering offers on farmers – 670 Crores budget

Special Focus: Chandra Babu’s strong warning to TDP leaders

2019 elections fever got started and the parties were trying to capture the attention of the people in various ways. TDP, which is a pioneer in impressing people in the right way, decided to focus on farmers. Chandra Babu Naidu came up with a project of 670 Crores to store seeds required for farmers in 623 acres of land in Kurnool district. During famine situation, farmers were losing a lot and to avoid this situation, Chandra Babu Naidu came up with this plan.

With the help of USA based universities, TDP is going ahead with this project. It is a fact that farmers were the highest voter set in Andhra Pradesh and all the parties were focusing on that voter bank. Opposition parties were expressing their wish to start projects for farmers while ruling party is implementing it and trying to show the output to the farmers. We have to see which attempt gains people’s attention.