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TDP top leaders unhappy over CBN’s role in BJP’s committee


The top leaders of National Telugu Desam Party are expressing their mixed feelings over CBN for leading the BJP’s committee on demonetization.

Going into the details, we all knew that the center has arranged a special 5 CM’s committee to solve the issues of demonetization in the state and elected CBN as the head to the committee. As CBN is the only eligible and experienced candidate with tech knowledge for being the head, they have chosen CBN but the leaders of TDP are not happy with CBN’s decision of leading the committee.

According to them, CBN can lead any committee perfect and provide the best results. Thus, the entire credit will be taken by PM Modi if this committee gets nice results. Seems they have asked CBN to reject the offer but CBN has decided to lead the nation.

On contrary, political analysts say that likewise Modi, CBN too claims the results in his name as he did the same earlier. After the demonetization effect, CBN Claimed it that it was his suggestion. He backed his statement with his letter to PM Modi. So the leadership of CBN is both useful for Centre and for CBN.