Telugu Politics

TDP’s clever game with Pawan Kalyan

Chandrabbu naidu

One might wonder why the pro TDP parties are now moving close with Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan. Here comes an interesting speculation with some valid reasons from political analysts.

After the success of TDP-BJP-Jansena alliance in 2014 elections, Both the leaders of BJP and TDP have been belittling Pawan in all issues. People can clearly see this thing whenever the leaders responded after every Pawan’s special meets. On the other hand, this powerful man is growing bigger and brighter with each and every issue he has taken. Surveys from various sources are hinting about Janasena’s win with decent seats like 20-30 in 2019 general elections. So the TDP core team have sent their supporting channels like TV9 and NTV to move close to Pawan. After elections, TDP will ask Janasena to support it by offering some portfolios.

But some hardcore party workers of Janasena is saying that Pawan is not in a mood to join forces with anyone as they are proving to be dishonest. We have to wait and see the results of 2019 to see final twists