Telugu Politics

These teams were faster than RBI in spreading 2000 notes


RBI has been struggling from days to meet the demand of the people for the new notes. Interestingly, to compensate the struggle of RBI, a team from Hyderabad decided to print and spread 2000 rupee fake notes. A team in Hyderabad was caught by the Police department for printing fake currency. Around 105 notes were printed and were all set to get circulated.

This can be considered as a pilot project from this team and they were said to have decided to print it in bulk if these 105 copies gets dissolved in the market. Police department is quick enough to catch the culprits and arrest them. In Orissa another team was caught which was trying to spread 4.8 lakhs of fake 200o rupee notes. Two persons who were suspected to be militants were caught in Jammu and Kashmir and they were stated to have got fake currency.

In almost all corners of the nation, few teams were trying hard to spread fake 2000 rupee notes into the market. Beware people!