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Tech CM’s new app Failed in a big way


It might be a shock and surprise to many that the Tech CM in the entire India Chandrababu Naidu can come up with a dud like ‘AP Purse’

Due to the demonetization effect, the CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu has asked his tech officials to develop an app which deals with online money transactions. Soon as he orders, the CM and his team have come up with ‘AP Purse’. This app is like a hub to all the banks for money operations and transactions. This app can link us to other banks like SBI and others. Touted to be a single app to operate all the banks and bills, in real this app failed miserably. Almost 1000 users have downloaded this through google play and it has got all the negative reviews for its poor functioning and bad platform. Seems this app is not at all user-friendly. Finally, they have started uninstalling this app and the users are decreasing.

This might be the first time that a technology implementation by CBN has failed. Generally, he operated everything in digital in his governance. Experts opined that over relying and over trust on his developers have made CBN to face this failure.