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Teja Vs RGV – who will make NTR’s pic first?

Balakrishna is now in a hurry to start the NTR project with director Teja. There is a controversy running in Tollywood on NTR’s biopic. On one side, Balakrishna is aspiring to make it in a positive way while on the other hand, RGV is trying to build the story with Lakshmi Parvathi as main character in the flick. One of the flick will help TDP in the next elections while one will give enough chances for opposition to fire on TDP.

“Who will make the flick first?” turned to be an interesting topic. Balakrishna is said to have given nod to Teja on this flick and he will be acting in the role of NTR. From January regular shooting of this flick will get started and by 2018 ending, the film is expected to hit the screens. This timing will help TDP politically to use the flick for 2019 elections. On the other hand, RGV too might be in the same plans and will be releasing at the same time to counter attack TDP’s strategy. “Will YSRC support RGV?” is another interesting question.