Telugu Politics

Telangana aiming for 100% digitalization


CM KCR is so keen to develop the State of Telangana as one of the best State in India. As other states are still struggling for money transactions, KCR is working for making the entire Telangana as digital.

Already about 40 villages in Sangareddy district has been digitalised in the pilot phase. The families have issued internet banking accounts based on their Aadhar cards. Shops were equipped with swiping machines, POS and Aadhaar Enabled Payment System etc. some shops are using PAYTM’s for cashless transactions. They are now aiming for all the villages in Telangana to be digitalized by the end of 2017. KCR has directed his officials to provide required machinery, wifi etc for their target.

This type of development is so crucial for the newest state of India as there are more undeveloped areas still present in the state of Telangana. State Finance department and banks are in full support to KCR for making Digital Telangana.