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Telangana Beer for A.P state in Summer

Bar Beer

For the beer lovers in the state of Andhra Pradesh, there is a nice information from the government of Telangana. The TRS government is so keen on increasing beer production in Telangana.

Beer is loved by many and it is taken as one of the main drinks by adults and youth in Summer. On an average, A.P state alone needs 50 cases of beers and the state always runs on the shortage of beers. To meet the requirements and to make money out of it, the Telangana government is taking all the breweries in the state to increase the production by double. Telangana is the most beer consuming state in India followed by A.P in Summer. This move by Telangana government will not only Quench the thirst of many youth and adults but also bridges the two Telugu states.

More than 100 crores of revenue will be generated to the state of Telangana by exporting beer to A.P state in borders. The Telangana is also looking forward to exporting the beer to states like Maharashtra, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi etc. The other most exporting state in India is Pondicherry near Chennai.