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Telangana CM congratulates ISRO success


The CM of Telangana KCR has praised the efforts and success of ISRO for its achievement today despite the Rocket is launched from his rival state AP.

The Indian Space Research Organisation has launched PSLV which has record breaking 104 satellites to be launched in outer space. This is an incredible achievement from the ISRO and Indian government. They have opted for one of the best launching pads in Asia Sriharikota near Nellore in A.P state. The launch was successful and the Rocket entered into target zone after 30 min of its path. Now, this has become a record in the entire world in rockets history. The Indian government and A.P state government praised heaps on ISRO

Along with all, the A.P rival Telangana State government and CM KCR has raved ISRO as the world’s best organization in aeronautics. The CM has gone further and declared any further help from the state of Telangana to develop the research on ISRO by providing enough funds.