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Temper assumes ‘Novel’ form

Young Tiger NTR for all his precocious talent reached stagnation few years back. Despite his best efforts his films turned out to be just average grossers while other stars reached new heights. This came as a surprise as NTR made a sensational debut and then at one time took on even Mega Star Chiranjeevi competing for the top slot. 
But Puri Jagannath with powerful mass action entertainer Temper changed all that for NTR. NTR from then on never looked back and scored two back to back hits in form of Naannaku Premato and Janata Garage. Now according to the latest it is coming out that Temper which released two years back is now turning into a novel. 
Vakkantam Vamsi who penned the script for the film sharing the details revealed that the film’s story has universal appeal and he wants to take it to a new level by turning the story as novel. He said since the film is getting remade in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi, he decided to write it in English. Sharing more details he said the climax in the novel will be the original which he wrote and not the one in the film. He said it will be more hard hitting and even the character of Daya will be narrated in detail.