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Tension in TDP and BJP – What will Pawan tweet on Special Status?


Power Star Pawan Kalyan who is using Twitter to the maximum extent tweeted on the aspect of respect to the nation. It is known that the Supreme Court gave a judgement that all films in theatres should start with National Anthem. Pawan Kalyan questioned the political parties on why they don’t start their meetings with National Anthem. He further questioned that if one turns opposite the ruling party or if one doesn’t encourage the aspect of National Anthem in the a theatres, he/she won’t become culprits or the ones who doesn’t have respect towards the nation.

Adding further, Pawan Kalyan mentioned that he would tweet on Special Status tomorrow. Now, tension might have got started on TDP and BJP. Most of the Andhra people forgot about the topic and were accustomed themselves to the thought of special package. Now, if Pawan digs deep into the Special Status, we can expect BJP and TDP to be in trouble soon.